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I am a internship student of faculty of dentistry, and I also write in another similar webs. I have a hobby of writing. Sometimes a poem or article. But the writings that I make are not based on one o
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Love is not easy. But love is needed. Someone you know may be just the person that you yearn for it.
Have you ever met a person who is no longer the same after going through a tragic and horrible moment in his life.
All men want to have a bigger penis and longer. The bigger and longer penis of a man considered to be showing his strength and masculinity.
Beautiful, sexy, smooth skin is every woman's dream.ellulite will greatly disturb the appearance of a woman. Folds of skin that look (although slim) would be considered as damaging to her beauty.
Gambyong looks so beautiful, the dancer's name to the famous Surakarta Kesunanan environment. At the request of the sixth Pakubuwono Sinuhun, Gambyong when it's been performing in Surakarta Kesunanan environment. Since then, the dance was performed by Gambyong known as Tari Gambyong.
Bunaken, is an underwater paradise in Sulawesi. So Beautiful, so many tourists are amazed at the sight.
That is, we should celebrate our failures today, because this is a real sign that our adventure in the world of discovery is not over. And, inevitably, I must admit that sadness in ending an experiment is greater than the celebration of success.
We were face to face with British troops. For some reason they were not shooting at us when we are armed only with bamboo spears .... But we're not afraid, let our lives be lost, than we are to lived colonized again ....
Euro 2012 is almost over. Italy and Spain will meet in the finals. Who will be the winner?
This true story took place in December 1947, in which hundreds of the common people brutally slain by the Dutch colonial army .....
A number of people Majene and Polewali Mandar (Polman) in Sulawesi, sued the Dutch government for war crimes that occurred 60 years ago. They are a family of 40,000 victims of the massacre of people who had conducted by Captain Raymond Westerling.
In 2011, an Internet poll conducted by CNN International and attended by 35,000 people to put Indonesia Fried Rice at number two in the list of the most delicious food in the World '50 'after rendang.
Urap (sometimes spelled or called urab or Urap-urap) is a dish of salad vegetables are cooked (boiled) mixed spiced grated coconut as a giver of flavor
Karedok is a kind of Indonesia Salad as gado-gado, but the difference Karedok use uncooked vegetables
Gado-gado is one food that comes from Indonesia in the form of boiled vegetables and mix them together, with peanut sauce..
Rendang is one of the specialties of West Sumatra (not from Malaysia), which has many fans in Indonesia
Affandi, a master painter in Indonesia. His works worldwide, even by some experts consider it one of the icon painters of the 20th century
Have you acknowledged that you have failed? So many people fail. But how many of those who admit it? Understanding yourself is not really a difficult thing. Just imagine, it's something about our own, meaning 'is' the more we know about ourselves, rather than someone else. No one in t...
Indonesia is a large country. We have 33 provinces and almost 500 cities. So Explore INDONESIA!!!!
There are many tourist destinations in Indonesia, not just Bali
Indonesia Air Force members lost again, after a Fokker F27-500 aircraft crashed in the military residential areas, Halim Perdanakusuma, on Thursday June 21, 2012, at 14.30 WIB (Western Indonesia Time)
Sacred atmosphere surrounding the hall. When the nine dancers entered the hall, the atmosphere feels more powerful mystical. Every movement of the dancers depict the softness and the majesty of Javanese women ..
Priangan, West Java. Known for its natural beauty, is said Priangan created, when God was smiling. Besides its natural beauty, Priangan also has an incredible art, Tari Merak (Peacock Dance)
Aceh, people of Indonesia also called as "The Terrace of Mecca", has magnificent dance, Saman Dance..
Tor Tor is an Indonesian Traditional Dance from North Sumatera (Batak)
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