Rounak Singh

Rounak Singh
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Firstt...awf all......I'M SO HOT - I MAKE FIRE!!!!!mm damnnnn craZy..datz d way i m....!!!!
i love writing...wateva comes in my mind..<3
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My new article is about Thoughts. What actually are thoughts. How do they shape our present and destiny and ultimately makes us what we are.? I hope you like it. Thankyou.
Days and months are passing by , new things and new people are attaining vitality. Somethings and some people are draining out of mind , past experiences are fading but there is something which isn't fading are the memories with you. But I don't want this feeling to perpetuate any m...
The day was the most unexpected one. Light is fading from life, Reasons for living are nowhere to be seen, Dreams are shattering, people are separating,,,,And thats the way i am living.
An ordianry day passed somehow, don't knw how many days are left to be passed this way? i just wish that someday you would surely realize that we are ment to be together each day ,each night every stay.
The poem is about a very special person. The person is my very good friend...... The lines may find an analogy with your love too....i hope you may enjoy reading it...!! thanks:-))
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