Kenneth B. Covington

Kenneth B. Covington
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An educator, writer, and a fisherman. But not necessarily in the correct order.
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People confuse passion for anger when then aren't sure who they are dealing with. Or mostly because they really don't know themselves.
Everyone talks and says what they think everyone else wants to hear but they seldom speak the truth.
Man has always believed himself to be superior to other walks of life. Our demise will be because of this.
Why we are in the situations we are in, and why we won't get out of them since all use a form of control.
How social media is good for those who like to play make believe but it hurts the actual communication process.
I have met the enemy and it is us. We have allowed the idea of being right to over rule the need for clear decision making. Educated guesses can no longer be accepted.
Bullying has been in the public eye for years. But evidently we all need glasses because no one seems to know it when they see it.
There is no longer a desire to find innocence or guilt. We would rather find out why someone pulls the trigger than punish them for the result of pulling it.
How it started and where will it end......we only realize the importance of a particular period of time in history long after its influence is felt. That isn't true with the 80's decade. We are still feeling and seeing its influences and that isn't likely to change anytime soon.
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