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I have been writing articles on the Internet for a few years now. I also tutor students in academics. I enjoy speaking my mind.
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Recent pages by ispeakthetruth

I try to sell various items and promote businesses on commission. I tell about my frustrations and hopes of making money as an online promoter. It is not so easy to make money this way.
Life as a female hermit, who has giving up on a lot of people.
This is a story about how I feel right now in my life.
I wrote about some species of insects and plants not native to the United States. Some, like the Japanese Beatles have almost wiped out some of our trees..
This was an essay I wrote in college giving my views on the story "The Death of a Salesman".
I wrote about crime in the United States from a socialist's prospective.
I explain when it is proper to be ethical and the fundamentals of morality.
I discuss what my hopes are for my future after college.
We live in an economy where marketing plays a big roll. I try to write about that here.
I address what we can do to supply many of the demands of each generation in our work force.
I analyze poetry in this essay from my college days
I experimented with some Italian green beans a neighbor gave me. This recipe is the result of the experiment.
I tell what it's like to go with little food to pay a bill or have gas in the car to look for a new job.
Many people on fixed incomes can’t afford to pay the high cost of electricity to heat their homes. This is my own personal observation. I tell my father not to burn anything such as plastic and any other damaging substances in his wood burning heater.
I wrote about living in a capitalist society in my college essay.
I can see that moral values have declined over the years.
I tell about how much I love to garden and what I had planned to grow.
This is an essay I wrote about my plans for the future when I was in college.
I got tired of people piling their plates a high as a mountain, and eating very little of it in a buffet restaurant where I worked. I wrote this to let them know it was an all you can eat buffet and not an all you can waste buffet.
This is what I would tell the leaders of the United States of America.
A poem I wrote about little children hunting Easter eggs.
I tell what it's like to be used. I tell from my own experience getting involved and falling with someone I knew online.
I want to share what it' like making money online.
This is a science fiction short story I wrote. I wrote it like I was living one day in a post ecological disaster life. I am reminiscing about what happened to leave me living below ground.
This is about what I did to keep from eating cow liver when I was a kid.
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