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I am a reporter for Examiner plus I write reviews and a Big Brother blog in my spare time.
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BeRuby is a good PTC site here is some tips and information about how to use BeRuby. Be Ruby is a pay to click site that is extremely easy to use.
This is a quick start guide on how to find Swagbucks codes. Here are some tips and tricks to earn Swagbucks fast.
Survivor Nicaragua will be starting in a couple of weeks. This is the cast list of the 2010 contestants. Here you can familiarize yourself with the other cast members that will be on the 21st season of Survivor that takes place in Nicaragua.
This is a review of L'Oreal Paris Collagen Micro-Pulse Eye. This is a new product that treats dark circles, wrinkles and undereye puffiness.
I just tried CoverGirl's 3 newest mascaras called LashBlast Volume, LashBlast Length and LashBlast Fusion and each of them are very different but one reigned supreme. Please read my review below.
I recently tried a new line of hair products called Got2b Smooth Operator. One of the products is called Smooth Operator Smoothing Lustre Lotion with Cashmere and the other product I tried from the same line was the Smooth Operator Smoothing Hairspray.
How to create a customized vase using cheap materials, most of which you will find at home. Make a personalized your vase to showcase your favorite colors, patterns and personal style.
Preschooler Learns Spanish from Galloping Minds is a great educational DVD for toddlers all the way up to kindergarten. This DVD does a wonderful job at introducing your child to the Spanish language.
Preschooler Learns Numbers and Counting With Animals from Galloping Minds is a great DVD for children from 1 to 4 years of age. This DVD will teach your child all about counting from 1-10.
I have four indoor cats and we take care of a bunch of feral cats outside as well. They all sleep in our garage plus we feed them lunch and dinner every night. It's amazing how the outdoor kittens have bonded with us. It really doesn't take much to care for feral cats they will eat ju...
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