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A long time ago in a village lived a family consisting of father, mother and a beautiful teenage girl named garlic. They are a happy family. Although garlic dad just ordinary traders, but they live in harmony and peace. But one day the mother garlic ill and eventually died. Garlic is ...
Love You Like a Morning Dew The soothing Heart It Love You Like a sun Illuminating the Heart of It All Please Let Me Love You To Turn Of Myself Love Of My Life The heart thou this virtual
I write a word that is my heart to you through a series of beautiful words seemed to be a love poem Blend with love and hope plume lump of pain and tears because you were with him heart is always hope
Up until then before I love him wholeheartedly Miss her greatly though has gone I just want to meet Although only a heartbeat But it will not likely happen Should not think it was dead And vanished from the heart is ... But he stayed in power in trough heart ...
Today I asked For myself Simple, but it's not that simple to answer It took struggle earnestness I do not know ... what else
MOM ... your hair is now graying Your skin is no longer tight Your vision is no longer bright Your way has now started to shake
this paper Did not mean anything To ... The meaning of a mother
Beside you tasted wonderful. Oh God, Bring him to me. I had always waited. good night baby ...
scattered clouds in orange sky that afternoon. Said pitched humming in the wind Who danced in between the branches. Melodious voice like one who yearns longing.
In the distance I feel miserable The joys and sorrows that I passed alone There will be replaced And not as beautiful than with you
Our world is no longer the same ... You have to be in a distant and full of holy light ... And I was too stiff in the quiet and waiting to meet you However who knows when can we meet again And together again as usual
Friend ... when we enjoy a lot of things together just missed it fun, jokes and laughter all flow away remaining time as it can not accommodate a very short time and makes me think of to your friends ..
Friend ... maybe I'm not a good friend. I often forgetting you I often make you feel left out.
This heart felt lonely without breathing your love,, Life is lonely without a smile from you self inisenyap soulless love you,, my dark room without stepping tuk direction
Anything less is In my solitude now Now not as cheerfully as my morning yesterday When your voice is heard The night breeze seemed to know ... Cold is without you ... Stars are reluctant to come out ... Empty ... the sky like dead
Love .. Can careful interpreting dreams Running around chasing a memory Tying braided holy love Burning meaningful life
I want to dig the mound And remove any grief nameplate Let the breath hold about you Dark poems cradled me
Start a string of words I said love I admit I was fascinated But you have him Knitting sincerity devoted nan Well I forget all about you Indeed we can not unite Circumstances forced me away from you
I complained to dusk Crying departure from my life ... why happy it was just a moment .. Rain continues to fondle her like the earth ... Like rain which is always held in the morning .. I'm stuck here in silence ..
love is beautifull if you know love is different with lie love can make me fly but love can kill me i know but i love you
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