Kevin Kappler Ph.D.

Kevin Kappler Ph.D.
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Kevin Kappler has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and has been interpreting dreams for over 30 years.
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Christian dream interpretation relies heavily on the dreams ability to warn or be prophetic.
According to Willim Domhoff dreams may have meaning, but no purpose. If you take a large number of someone's dreams you will be able to develop a picture of his personality as clear as his fingerprints.
There are number of body disorders that can affect sleeping
Michael Sheridan's website "Asling" has instructions on dream interpretation, articles on dreams and video's of Michael's appearances
DreamsCloud is one of the few websites where you can get a professional opinion on your dream for free.
There are some new apps that help make your dream interpretation faster and more reliable
Eat foods that foster Dreams and help you get a better nights sleep
Sometimes there are common dream symbols which can be universally interpreted.
Examining your dreams and making associations between the dream symbols in your life will help you understand yourself much better and gain insight.
Hindu dream interpretation shows a very clear way to have lucid dreams based on the yoga of dreaming.
In Hindu dream interpretation views reality views reality is just a dream we spend more time in
Ways to increase lucid dreaming through electrical stimulation of the brain
Nightmare eating Japanese monster comforts little children and adults alike.
Dreams require sleeping without sleep disorders. Sleep disorders are described in their treatment explained.
Can dreams be explained through neurochemicals? What is the neuro chemical explination for dream activity?
Dream Interpretation was very important in the Roman Empire
Where dreams divine inspiration or personal fallacies the early Christians?
Hippocrates was inspirational in bringing the meaning of dreams back into the physical body of the dreamer.
Dreams as oracles, as therapy, as a way to cure illness
Aristotle believed that dreams came from the mind and not the gods. He also explained the concept of lucid dreaming
Who was the first dream interpreter to say it was your dream and if it was bad you didn't need to act on it? Plato
Frustrated that you cant get to sleep and stay there? This may help.
Antiphon was the first dream interpreter to ask the dreamer what their dream might mean.
Artemidorus an early Greek philosopher wrote a book called the Oneirocritica which gave the first clear dream interpretation methods in the Greek world. It was recognized by Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung alike his inspiration for their methods of analytical dream interpretation. This b...
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