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A young writer always looking to improve. I mostly write poetry and scripts for webcomics with the occasional screenplay.
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Recent pages by piccolodian

A poem about that one summer we remember from back in the times of our carefree youth.
How the narrator became a poet without a choice. (Technically the first Emily poem, but the two poems have nothing to do with each other).
A poem about how the narrator discovered that our body is our soul
A poem about a woman attending her lover's wedding
A poem dedicated to those who believe they don't deserve happiness
A poem about a shadow named Figuero, the companion of the narrator.
A poem about the time when I was suddenly caught in the rain
A poem about a person who doesn't feel worthy enough to confess their feelings.
A poem I wrote a while back about finding who you are when you can't see yourself.
A poem written when I had writer's block. When in doubt, always write about writer's block.
About a common person with dreams of become a poet in order to enter a certain cafe and get closer to a certain female poet. The clashing rhythm is intentional.
About the world we live in. Inspired by the song "Everybody Wants to Rule the World".
My response to "homosexuality breaks the laws of nature".
A poem inspired by the title of the graphic novel "Blue is the Warmest Color."
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