MJ Bacorro

MJ Bacorro
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I like to write and to read. Mostly Teen fiction, romance, mystery and poetry. A medical technologist student in Liceo de Cagayan University.
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Sometimes we tend to overlook that pain came in different forms. Perfectly fine on the outside but fragile and rotten on the inside
Nightmares are not really nightmares if you still have them even if you're awake
Sometimes when emotions are eating you too much, you feel like you had no one, just look around you because you'll find something to hold onto
A teenage love story where a cold-hearted boy meets a heart-warming girl. Read and see that this is more than a love story.
Sometimes we just remembered him in times of troubles but we forget him in times of our success. A simple thank you could have been worth it.
I'm just voicing out for those children who lost their life before they can even start on it. The loss of seeing how wonderful life could be.
Sometimes I wish I can reverse everything but it hurts when you know you can't
Sometimes I wish, I never knew my mistake but other times I wish I never made them...
Meet Leena and Ken. Two best friends who will find their selves falling in love with each other. Thus, what will prevail? Love or Friendship? Find their story out when they try to figure out what will happen when friendship becomes a love affair.
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