William Power

William Power
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William Power is a self-published author, poet, and freelance writer from the beautiful and peaceful North Georgia Mountains.
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Recent pages by William Power

Finding cheap ways to eat healthy can be difficult if not impossible at times. Juicing and/or eating home made smoothies can be inexpensive, and delicious as well; this diet choice coupled with exercise will give you amazing results.
Would you like to build a custom chopper cheap? This articles discusses the prospect of doing so with an Iron-head Sportster.
Review of several free Android apps. App reviews on the market or Google Play are sometimes skewed and bias. This is a `personal use' review by the author.
For the Sherlock Holmes purest, the new BBC series "Sherlock" may have been hard to fathom at first glance; however, as a purist myself, this is the best portrayal of Sherlock Holmes and his man Watson to date, in my humble opinion.
The obesity epidemic in the United States is staggering to say the least. Weight loss has become a huge industry in light of these facts. According to the 2011 Centers for Disease Control statistics over 35.7 % of the adult population in America is obese. The medical costs alone for o...
The new trend of "no-contract" cell service has revolutionized the cell phone industry. It not only created greater freedom for consumers, but also forced the big companies to compete with cheaper monthly plans. This article discusses Verizon vs. Straight Talk no-contract cell service...
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