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Saadia Farooq
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Student from the city of Saints residing in the heart of Pakistan. I hav been writing on the topics of media , journalism, international affairs, cultures,
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Intellectual property is the most expensive entity. People cannot buy your thinking and research skills in a penny or two and tag it as their own.
Birth of Domestic Violence and who to be blame for it!
Research Study of image of USA in Pakistan after the release of the sacrilegious movie Innocence of Muslims
Out of total population of the world 5 billion possess cell phones. Pakistan considered as the third world country is not far away in making some major contributions in this race
Experience and learning i gained from video journalism course in my last semester.
Kumar Sangakkara Sri Lankan Cricketer and the first in his country and the Youngest so far in the world who delivered the magnificent speech in Lords in 2011.
I wrote this my my teacher who is visually impaired and was very much hurt by the attitude of the instructor facilitating the workshop she also attended
Society has expected people to fulfill its own demands without considering ones potential and area of interest. Students suffer the most in such societies where parents, friends,peer , neighbors everyone is expecting the most unexpected part of you.
First practical experience in the journalistic world. Well here it is my experiences and learnings.
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