Molly O'Shea

Molly O'Shea
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Currently, I am living in a small rural town with a cocker spaniel, a Chihuahua, and a Burmese mix kitty. I'm working as a freelance writer, and have written articles on subjects from pet care and home decorating, to domestic violence and substance abuse. Mastering the art of SEO has taught me to use skillful creativity to keep the material flowing naturally, for easy reading.

Earlier in my life, working in a hospital emergency department introduced me to many aspects of human health care, from life and death emergency treatment, to routine health maintenance. Later, while working in a veterinary teaching hospital, I learned a great deal about animal health care and what goes into becoming a veterinarian.

Time spent as a crisis line employee introduced me to crisis intervention, while helping train new crisis line volunteers sharpened my communication and crisis intervention skills. This came in very handy during my time working at a domestic abuse shelter for women.

A wide variety of topics hold my interest, including nature, wildlife, pets, photography, gardening, and domestic animals. I look forward to expanding my horizons, in the near future, to include creating illustrations of pets for painting on T-shirts, and also venturing into creative writing.
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Few things are as beautiful as a cocker spaniel trotting merrily around the yard. With a coat flowing freely, and distinct fluid movement, they present beauty to be envied. It's not as hard as you many think to keep a cocker spaniel looking beautiful, but it does take some time and ...
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