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I am a grumpy old man with experience in many fields that I can write about including finance & investing, antiques & collecting, modern ceramics, software, books & education.& my grumps & gripes.
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"I don't know anything about politics" is so often heard when an election comes around. Why does anyone think this? Why does anyone say this? Discuss!
"Moral Hazard" - the collapse of a bank - and your savings in a high street bank.
Nobody is better at knowing you and your requirements than you yourself. Utilise the KYC (Know Your Client) techniques to understand your attitude towards risk and return; whether you need to be an investor or are more inclined towards and capable of being a speculator. Understand the...
Investment is for long-term wealth creation, speculation is a gamble to gain short-term profits
Exploring the "Total Plan" approach and the ground rules for successful investing.
Some reasons why it is essential to invest knowledgeably in a recession.
Safeguarding your "wealth" whilst making your money grow, during these difficult and uncertain times, has become more vital than ever before. You must look to yourself to change with the times and view yourself as an Investor. But how do you achieve this? In this article I categorise ...
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