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I am a woman with many hobbies, and always looking to add more to my bag of tricks! By day I am a software engineer for a software company that writes practice and clinical software for physicians. I also spend a good deal of my work life developing/writing/reviewing standards. I also throw in some spec writing and QA work for good measure. In my free time, I study languages (Spanish, French, and Chinese), read about current technology (I'm a gadget girl!), play/study music (piano, guitar, cello), love my pets (parrots, birds, and cats), and explore many craftis (sewing, quiliting, knitting, paper modeling, origami, spinning, this list is always growing!). And of course I love writing! I mostly write nonfiction pieces. In recent years, I have found that I enjoy editing even more than writing!
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Tori Amos, accomplished musician and songwriter, has a large number of platinum albums under her belt and an extremely loyal fan base. She also has a large number of singles, B-sides, bootlegs, etc.
Tori Amos is a very powerful musical artist. She has a great way of wrapping core messages in whimsical and sexy packages. In her song "Leather" from "Little Earthquakes", we find a girl questioning herself as to why she remains in a lifeless relationship...and then we see what she ...
It is hard to sew by hand when you can't get your needle threaded. Learn how to use the Clover needle threader to quickly and easily thread your needle every time!
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