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I am a British trained Journalist, freelance writer and poet. In addition to writing I am a keen gardener and happy environmentalist.
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Author Julia Cameron advertises her book 'Reflections on the Artist's Way' on Amazon. Reflections seems to be the current buzz word for that extraordinary gestation period that allows an artist to understand with the both the verbal and non verbal side of the brain before creating.
Having lived in a rural area in Nova Scotia for a long period of time, I had to cope with skunks interacting with our pets and the dreadful smell they made.
Parrots are unique and have special needs. Gaining your parrots trust and getting them to love you are incredibly important if you are to have a good relationship with them.
When your involved in DIY home painting projects, problems can occur. Here's some tips on how to handle paint problems.
Keeping your garden free of weeds can be challenging. Here are some tips for weed free gardening.
Halifax, Nova Scotia is a beautiful city with a rich history. Anyone who enjoys travelling would love this city.
Gender issues still exist in the job. Much as we hate to acknowledge it your gender often does play a role in whether or not a company will hire you.
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