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I am an artist. I love being myself.
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I've always felt 
that the trip could (and has) inspire other women to breakthrough 
their own barriers and have their own adventure.
Being authentic can be scary. But the good news is, we all can learn to start to reap the rewards of living a more authentic life. What does authenticity mean to you? And the magical question: How can you increase your authenticity? (It isn’t as easy as it sounds!)
A Professor didn't like the way the students kept looking at the clock, so he wrote this sign beneath it: "Time will Pass, but will You?"
In a moment of quiet contemplation I asked myself the question,
Being yourself us loving yourself in every aspect. Respecting your self is one important factor as well.
I found my true love by following these simple steps. Stick with it. It works!
You only live once. Smile if you can Laugh until you have stomach ache Cry sometimes. You need that.
Remember that your life is a story – and you are the author. That means you have the power to transform any story, simply by finding the positive in it.
My life has been a journey of healing. Everyday is a big challenge. But im happy because i have now the courage to say that i passed all those hindrance and i am still standing still.
Let's be thanksful for everything. Be patient. Be considerate.
We only live once. YOLO. Lets try out something new. Explore everything under the sun.
This is personal message to my special man. I just want to share this to everyone. Forever inlove.
Find out how to take care of tour skin without spending too much money.
Reality check. Freedom to write. Crush at first sight. Puppy love. Expressing oneself. Interesting. Be youRself to be on top.
Reality check. Be true to yourself. Free yourself from hatred and shyness. Let a thousand flower bloom.
If you think your boss is stupid remember you wouldnt have a job if he was any smarter.
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