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Kyle Pruden
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I am from the southern part of Illinois, and really enjoy writing. I write about a variety of topics, but mostly enjoy writing about sports and travel. Feel free to add me!
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Super Bowl XLVI is tomorrow (Sunday, February 5, 2012) in Indianapolis, Indiana. The New York Giants play the New England Patriots for the title.
Former Penn State Head Football Coach, Joe Paterno, passed away at the age of 85 as a result of lung cancer.
Brian Schottenheimer hired by St. Louis Rams to replace former Rams Coach, Steve Spagnuolo.
If you are looking to do last minute Christmas shopping in Springfield, Illinois, there are still plenty of options. Several malls and retail stores are staying open longer during the holidays.
November is Prematurity Awareness Month around the world. On Thursday, November 17, 2011, everyone is supposed to wear purple to show their support for Prematurity Awareness Day.
Safety on the roadways is important at all times, but especially when winter weather is around. Watch out for emergency employees during the winter months, as they are trying to do their job.
Safety on the Internet is very important, especially when young children access the Internet to use social sites.
Spelling is important, and this video shows a good reason why. Knowing how to spell the street name you live on is also just as important!
With the President of the United States and some state governors now using Twitter, the question arises as to how important Twitter is, considering they are taking time out of their day to tweet.
Back-to-school shopping can add up to a lot of money spent by families. However, prices seem to go up each year, so some families try to cut back when they can.
A lot of rich history lies within Springfield, Illinois, but the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum contains both Lincoln history and Illinois history.
A lot of history lies within the Executive Mansion, dating back to 1855. Several Illinois Governors have lived directly behind the Governor's Mansion.
Retail stores are becoming more popular today. Is this because of the recent economy slump?
There are plenty of tourist attractions in Springfield Illinois. They would make for a great day trip, or even a week!
Whether you are looking for haunted houses to visit or just places to trick-or-treat, Springfield has it all.
St. Louis Cadinals Manager, Tony LaRussa, announced his retirement just a few days after his team won the World Series.
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