Donald Czerwinski

Donald Czerwinski
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"Hello World" Donald Czerwinski here, I enjoy writing poems and articles and doing video's on You tube on my opinions on many topics and I love to share them with the world.
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Recent pages by Donald Czerwinski

Asking the American people to contact Kasich and for him to honorably withdraw his nomination.
A short story on the day I die and the council most high.
A little humorous patriotic poetry, just lightening the subject a little bit.
A short article on issues we the people want corrected on America to restore the Constitutional Republic & current poll results.
Real America! Rant's & Rave's breaking news story Louis Farrakhan references Hillary to Satan and Donald Trump get's big endorsement from Republican Senator of Alabama.
Real America! Rant's & Rave's social media experiment on why people don't like Donald Trump.
The only way to see the father and have eternal life is through Jesus The Christ.
The script of the Baptism of the World which can be viewed here.
A look at scripture and the truth of Heaven and Hell.
Different forms of witchcraft & sorcery a mockery to God.
Definitions of commonly used words for an exorcism.
An explanation of Generational Curses with Scripture.
This is going to be my theme song for my internet show Real America!
A short explanation on some of the beliefs of Donald Czerwinski yes me!
When shall Christ return looking at the scriptures in the Holy Bible King James Version.
A poem on the balance of the world all is well for the bible tells me so.
A poem on the fight for men's souls, battle rages and the darkness consumes but the son shall rise.
A poem on Christmas my favorite day of the year with all kinds of holiday cheers.
A poem about a farm boy turned soldier from Tennessee.
A poem that begins with each letter of the alphabet A thru Z.
A poem on spring and the joys and smiles it brings.
A simple poem seven shooting stars, seven seas, seven continent's did I see.
This is a short poem on war soon to come or may be avoided if conscious declares.
Hello World, welcome to my poetry page, within these pages you shall find poetry in many different format's, I hope you enjoy and find the meaning with each text if you have a question please feel free to email me and I will gladly try and explain.
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