Judy Ann

Judy Ann
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Retired Secretary with an interest in helping others. I write articles that include tips for health, home and family.
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Witch Hazel has many uses beyond the normal skin astringent. It is an herb that has many uses and is one of the most common home remedies.
Dry brushing to detoxify your lymph glands is easy and only takes a few minutes for and excellent method of keeping a healthy immune system.
Patients with Multiple Sclerosis must maintain a diet rich in Calcium and Vitamin D to maintain healthy bone structure.
All children need to be able to express their needs. Autistic children have difficulty with simple tasks. Their "acting out" may be their only method of getting the attention they need.
Surprise your friends with a Gift Basket. Gift Baskets can be personalized and filled with a variety of items for any occasion.
Having games at baby showers helps the guests to mingle and get better acquainted and is lots of fun.
It is important to have good digestion if you want good health. What we eat affects how we feel, and probotics help our bodies maintain a healthy immune system.
Safety is the the most important thing to consider when selecting bedding for baby beds and bassinets to avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
Ideas for how to choose the right name for your baby.
Baby R Us stores have a gift registration that can be accessed online, by phone or in person.
The importance of keeping your home allergy free and methods of cleaning areas often forgotten for mold, a major allergin.
Autism is a disorder that usually occurs in a child very early and may be difficult to diagnose especially for first-time parents.
Men often overlook their health needs, and erectile dysfunction is a major factor that could lead to heart disease.
Planning a baby shower can be fun and is an excellent way to meet the grandparents and friends of the new family member.
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