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Ekai kaoo
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Am a fourth year student undertaking Bachelor of science in Nursing.I like writing articles of medical field.
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This is an infectious bacterial disease caused by salmonella typhi. Typhoid fever is endemic in many regions although epidemic outbreaks have occurred when a source of water or food used by many people has been contaminated. The disease has a case fatality rate of 3% with treatment an...
Water plays a big role in the body of a human being because high percentage of cells depends on fluids for strength and stability. Water is used in various ways. These includes; human consumption for body needs, animal watering, Industrial use for manufacturing, and for recreational ...
This is one of the drugs that act on the heart inhibiting the function of the ion channels.A description of how they work in the human body is given below.
This content discusses how the blood circulates in the fetus while in the uterus to the time of birth.It also states the adjustment that occur to the fetal circulation after birth.
This is a condition in which the quantity of amniotic fluid exceeds 1500mls. It may not become apparent until it reaches 3000mls. It is a fairly rare condition.
This is a disease that is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis.The incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis in Africa seems to be on the increase because of its association with the HIV and AIDS epidemic.It should be detected early for easier control.
This is one of the endocrine disorder.Diabetes is a metabolic disorder due to partial or total lack of insulin, characterized by hyperglycemia. This may seriously complicate a pregnancy as you will see later on.
this content is about dehydration which is one of the condition that manifest in children as a result of diarrhea or excessive sweating..Its manifestation and management is also covered.
This content covers various types of food that make a balance diet in human body.
face presentation is one of the malpresentation that occur during pregnancy.
This content covers one of genital cancers in women and how it can be controlled medically.
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