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One who had always loved to lay the first lines in a clear page and turn a rumble of thoughts into a well- polished creation...
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It's been over a year since my last entry, my last article altogether actually. I lost alot of writing time. Such was diverted to new changes in my life. Here are the highlights :)
Times have changed indeed. Birthday wishes has evolved with it. There is, however, a meeting point at its midst.
Do responsible media still exist or is it all about nourishing their preconceived notions & then feed it to the innocent world?
A surfer's haven in the small island of Catanduanes, Philippines. I first stared at its magnificence when I was 16 and it made me swear to return whenever I can. Find out why...
It doesn't just bring damp weather, cold wind and causes flood. It brings good things too.
Synchronized dates such as 11.11.11 ...Ever thought what it means?
It is Bahrain's most precious natural attraction - one that has stood still for centuries, but is now challenged by modern-day threats.
Inside every christmas gift is a story. Those from across the seas have more...
Every turn, right and wrong, was all part of a grand scheme of my exceptional spiritual journey towards the One, True God...
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