David P Knight

David P Knight
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I am a hobby collector and I love to write about collecting antiques and collectibles.
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Born William Bradley Pitt, 8 December 1963, Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA and raised in Springfield, Missouri. His mother is named Jane Etta Hillhouse and his father, William (Bill) Pitt, worked in management at a Springfield trucking firm. He has two siblings, a younger brother, Douglas (Do...
Starting a coin collection specially for your children can be fun and rewarding. More than that, it can be educational as well. A coin collection for the sake of your children can increase the possibility of spending quality time with them too. It is quite a thrill to collect old coin...
People collect so many different things these days that many of the items will never get universally popular. There are thousands of collectors who share their passion with only a handful of other enthusiasts. Magazines are one such genre of collectible that fall within this descripti...
As with all antiques and future antiques care should be taken when cleaning and some items are best lefty to experts to deal with. Whether you collect antique or modern silverware these tips should ensure you protect the value of your investment.
There are many types of pinwheel calculators and Trinks-Brunsviga is probably the best known. Made in Germany in the early years of the twentieth century they are a very attractive and collectible office machine.
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