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Full-time librarian, student, dad, and dreamer; part-time painter, writer, blogger and freedom fighter. I love to write about art, design, architecture, and current events.
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So, I make a lot of my money online through posting ads on sites like Craigslist and Backpage. The challenge with these sites is that a lot of spammy marketers out there have ruined it for the people who want to posts a number of legitimate links from various products you are promotin...
Simply put, debt stinks. Unfortunately, it is a necessary evil at times. That is unless you can pay for things like a house or a car with cash outright, which most cannot. Therefore, take these 3 warnings into consideration when dealing with debt to help you manage it along the way.
Whenever people consider making extra money from recycling, they automatically think of pop cans, but did you know you can make money recycling paper as well? Read on to find out how!
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