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Horror Nerd
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I'm a freelance graphic designer and gamer at heart. I love horror movies.I like to write poetry and short works of fiction usually horror or scifi genre.I occasionally write tutorials for the program Adobe Photoshop CS2
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Have you ever worked on a design project and realized you needed a certain texture.Your digital camera isn't close to you and you really don't have time to go outside snap some pictures of dirt and most of the stock sites are not offering the exact texture you need. have no fear, with...
South Korea is a hot bed for controversy as the realization that Dog farms and slaughter houses exist and the consumption of dog meat is largely accepted and practiced. Should it be illegal to keep the animals in poor conditions and slaughter them just for consumption.
An artist lacking inspiration suffers an emotional event that spirals out of control leaving her with more inspiration than she can handle !!!Warning!!! foul language and some intense situations are included in this short story. Not suitable for kids.
A family torn asunder by tragedy. After his father's death and absence of his old brother Cal Chetly determined to see if the wrestling genes of his father and brother are also prevalent within himself. Cal hopes this journey will reunite his mom and brother and repair the wounds o...
Not Suitable For Children this poem is based on the terrible crime of rape. Rapists are the lowest scum of the earth and deserve all the bad karma they can receive. In this poem the spirits of the past emerge strike back at the creep and remind him of his sins. I tried a different ap...
Three special poems to get everyone in the spirit of Halloween. First is "Ghostly Me" a poem about a vicious dog attack Next is "Mental" a poem about a sadistic cannibalistic serial killer who feeds on the brains of geniuses. Then we have "Under the Light" this is not a scary or gor...
A new collection based on the current state of America and the violence and a tribute for all the branches of the military.
A woman is trapped in an abusive relationship.For years she thinks that females are the weaker gender and that husbands are supposed to abuse their wives. She soon comes to realize the truth that abuse is not warranted and normal. She will take a stand but at what cost.
Marilyn is a worried woman. She is afraid that she is losing her husband of thirty years. Certain that it is not an affair Marilyn stumbles across Bill's sick and twisted secret. Or does she ?
A woman is visited by a mysterious fireman who is always saving her life. Is it fate, a dream, or something more sinister ?
From slasher's to umbrellas part 6 of my poetry collection runs the gamut. Poems about men who sell umbrellas to poems about killers.The 6 part of Poetry from a Horror Nerd has it all.
Read Dead Redemption is the next-gen follow-up to Rockstar's Red Dead Revolver released in 2004. In this action-adventure old west shooter, you take the role of John Marston in the west during the year of 1911. Marston, a former outlaw, must hunt down the old members of his gang wit...
More poetry from Horror Nerd. if you liked my last collections take a second and give these a gander.
A quiet night for occupants of an apartment complex soon changes for the worse as a fire breaks out endangering everyone in the complex. Changed a few things such as spelling errors and some parts have been rewritten
Read poetry from the mind of a Horror fan.Current and older poetry from my high school days are present.
Read poetry from the mind of a Horror fan.Current and older poetry from my high school days are present.
Read poetry from the mind of a Horror fan.Current and older poetry from my high school days are present.
Your invited into the of a Horror Nerd. While you are here check out this collection of poetry.
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