Coral Attaberry

Coral Attaberry
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Red head, student, humanitarian wannabe, let me share my crazy life with you <3
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Random things that keep me going in life and through all its stages.
So this is a boring voila type of shindig and honestly, I have no idea what this entails. Let's find out, shall we?
Pornography is a huge part of our day and I am here to ramble about the evils brought upon by it. Say whatever you want, but I know it only bring unhappiness and suffering to those ensnared and those involved with its victims.
With God, all things are possible. That's it. Let's get on board and start going somewhere with our lives.
I love the black sheep of this fold and I love the hearts that have been trampled on.
Life can be hard and trying. But trials come that we may learn from them and grow. This is what I learned from brain surgery.
Life can feel crazy, and maybe even sad. I know I've felt that. So here's some things to say to turn it around!
What really makes people happy and what life is really all about through a Mormon teenage girl. I hope you enjoy!
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