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I have a B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Arizona. I enjoy gardening and hiking.
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Many factors determine the climate of the Earth. How many can you name?
The best meteor shower of the year is here this week.
Some tough divisional matchups this week as teams fight for playoff positions.
The big dogs rule in December. Will your team be one of them?
Playoff races are getting tight as we close out November.
It's time to seperate the contenders from the pretenders.
Find out who is ready for a playoff run and who is ready to start planning for next year.
Who are the contenters and who are the pretenders as the season moves into November?
It's a Tale of Two Teams this week as the NFL goes to England.
Divisional races are heating up as we near the half way point in the 2012 season.
After five weeks, only two teams remain undefeated. Find out what's in store this week.
With only two undefeated teams remaining, the action heats up in Week 5
Only three undefeated teams are left to start the 2012 NFL season. How will they fare this week?
This is a rare chance to easily find Uranus in the night sky.
A preview of this weeks Thursday night game and my pick vs the spread.
Records of NFL teams versus the odds, and when they beat them.
My picks for week three of the 2012 NFL Fottballl season.
A lockout may delay the start of the 2012-13 NHL season. Here is a look at the two sides and the issues.
My picks against the odds for Week 2 of the NFL 2012 Football Season
My start of the season look at the teams from the AFC West.
A few of the things my Dad would say during my childhood....and he still does.
My NFL Football team picks for week #1, including a short summary.
My start of the season look at NFL teams from the AFC South.
My start of the season look at NFL teams from the AFC North.
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