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I am a friendly and knowledgeable lady, happy to help with any school, college, university stuff, just ask!
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Recent pages by Paulina

A great tip on how to revive an old and dried up glue stick!
True happiness can be hard to find. I will try to explain what simple things can actually boost your mood and put you in a happy state.
This is a review of one of the most amazing books I have read, it's positive, uplifting and life changing. What a book!rite a short summary of your page here.
This is a very good and healthy diet to be on and it doesn't require much effort in praparing or buying stuff. In two weeks it helps you lose 3 to 6 ponds.
The Min Pin is the smallest version of the pinscher breed. It stands up to 30 cm.
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a opular toy breed for everyone.
A brain teaser, puzzle, a lighthearted numeric practice exercise.
I bought this 5 shelf storage rack and love it, it has really improved the way I use my kitchen.
How to sell yourself and write a good cover letter.
How to make lovely cupcakes. Easy and quick, tried and tested recipe.
If you love Cornwall, surfing, history and relaxation, this is a holiday for you!
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