Uncle ~Jami.

Uncle ~Jami.
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My name is Jami. I am a qualified Aromatherapist with 25 yrs experience. This page is dedicated, to sharing knowledge concerning Aromatherapy; It's use's, history & future.
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With this Page i will shall continue to show you; how to make, your own Natural Aromatic Remedies at Home. It Truly; is a Wonderful thing, to be able to buy Natural Medicines; that have a Heritage of Thousands of Years'. Pretty much, everything that we Need to Know; has already bee...
This Autobiography is about my personal journey out of the pit of Depression, Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, & Apathy……..(the list goes on.) in my case, as a result of an Undiagnosed Personality Disorder, (We’ll get to that later.)
Take a little more Responsibility for your Health, by creating your own Natural Remedies, for Many Common Ailments.
Making your own Natural Cosmetics & Professional Aromatherapy Products, is fun & easy. I will show how you can save a fortune on high quality Natural Cosmetics, by creating your own.
This Aromatherapy page contains the links to Aromatherapy Suppliers, & the References I have used; & my recommended reading list. I have included a link to an Essential Oil Database, which is a rich source information about Essential Oils, and I hope, that in your early Aromatic fo...
This page is all about, how we can use Aromatherapy at home, for a whole range of conditions, and by using Essential Oils in ways you might not have considered before, I will highlight the work of Dr. Jean Valnet. (1920-1995.) upon whose teachings I have based my career in part on his...
This page seeks to explode the Myth about Why Aromatherapy works & to teach you how to use Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Safely, with full knowledge of their Properties.
This Page will explore Aromatherapy in depth. We will look at it's history, some of the cultures that have used Aromatherapy. We will explore reasons for its decline, & the future of Aromatherapy, Finally we look at individual Essential Oil's and how to use them.
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