Kina Michelle

Kina Michelle
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I am a forty year old single mom of three beautiful teenage daughters, and a writer.
My writing takes the form of poetry, short stories, articles, and novels. My work is based on life experiences
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This poem is about love, the kind that we only dream about, a rare love that is always hoped for but very rarely attained. I wrote this during a tough period in my life, going through divorce and just desperately needing someone to care, and wanting to hold on to that belief that, ra...
This poem was written during some of my darker days, It asks the question of depression and loneliness, and describes my dark feelings, and frustration of not having the answers, but wanting so desperately to be healthy on one hand, but at the same time, finding comfort in retreating ...
This Poem is about self -realization, and self-acceptance, it speaks of the joy and confidence that comes with learning to love yourself not only as you are, but expressly for those faults, celebrating what makes you who you are, I enjoyed writing this, and I hope you enjoy reading it...
This is a recital of what a lot parents go through every day, I can certainly identify with it, sometimes I marvel at how it is possible to fit so much into a day, but, to the credit of those very together men and women with kids who run a tight ship and do this everyday, of every wee...
This is pure praise for God, I hope noone will be offended by this, it is just my own expression of worship for my God.
My take on homelessness today, I feel that a lot of people dont understand why this is happening, its my attempt to enlighten people about the homelss problem..
I wrote this after watching the sunrise, one of my favorite things to do, hope you like it.
A writing that reflects my fixation with getting older, and some life experiences.
This is a story about my younger years, and growing pains, its more biography than story, enjoy!
A poem expressing both, my love of spring, and, how it compares to a fresh start in life.i
My observations of life, and growing pains, of getting older.
A single parents view of the pains and gains of raising children.
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