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Hey, I'm Jess. And I love to write! If you like my writing, tell me! And if you don't,...I don't care!
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Recent pages by Jesicca

Could this be love?Or is i just an illusion? You will just have to decide for yourself.
Love is about more then just sex............................................................................
This is the most peaceful place I could think of =) I wish I was there.
Could they be a Vampire? Yes, yes they are lol I hope you enjoy!
Shall he turn her? Will his Obsession take the better of him? probably lol
This would be the perfect night for me. Under the beauty of the moon, just beautiful.
This poem is about a cursed women, being Burned to death for being a witch. Were they right? We will have to see :)
This is chapter three of my Vampire story. I hope you like it!
A poem about a lesbian vampire finding a meal. Its a bit long but I like it this way.
Slender man, oh Slender man? Where art thou my Slender man?
This is chapter two of my story "As the blood falls" A vampire, Vampire hunter romance.
This is a story I am working on, Its about a Vampire chick and a guy Vampire hunter. I really hope you like it!
This poem is about a Falling Angel who has shamed his Goddess and has been banished to the other world. To earth.
You can run, but you cannot hide :} This is a Vampire, murder, pray style poem.
Murder is an ugly face. A poem about the fear of death.
You can't let the fear get the better of you...A poem about facing your fears.
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