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Am a young and motivated girl, i believe that writing is what it takes for one to portray what they really fill inside just like music. I usually write fiction stories, law, economics and technology.
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The recent election in USA has revived back the debate on whether multi party is more effective than two party systems. United States, which is one of the first countries in the globe to be democratic, has from its independence followed the two party system of democracy. On the other ...
Technological advancement in the world today has seen the development of more efficient and sophisticated machines that make work easier and avoid errors that are caused by humans. In this case the development of self-driven cars also known as autonomous cars has been considered as a ...
Paganism is the belief in a religion that is unique to an individual and lacks a relationship to the common existing faiths . However, Christianity refers to worshiping through Jesus, who is regarded to as the Son of the Sovereign God.
This is a case study on how coach Knight changed the view on sports.
This article is to show how employers can motivate their employees and make them work harder.
This essay will take the readers through how the Lithium Rechargeable Batteries we use now came to be what we all know them to be.
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