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This article is about the process of making app art. I describe my own process of taking photographs or making drawings and paintings and then, running them through different apps to complete the art.
Haiku poetry. This is a chunk of Haiku. A selection of several haiku becoming one epic long haiku.
I love the night. Mystery lives around every dark corner.
Article about the work and life and origins of Lady GaGa and her music and the deceased former musical friend of hers, Lina Morgana.
One of the best things about Slice the Pie is the sheer variety of great new music to listen to and review. It's incredibly awesome that through Slice the Pie, we get to influence new music and be PAID for our work! I've heard and reviewed everything from country to techno, from rap t...
Haiku about the Son of Sam murders. Dark poetry from historic events.
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