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Recent pages by Ella

After a period of introspection and growing-up, this is what I've come up with.
A breakup is a hard thing to go through and it requires a lot of inner strength and will. Sometimes, your heart falters and you feel like you'll never going to make it. This poem is about one of those times.
Yhis poem I wrote about hands is an allegory for a love story gone bad.
I'm going through a painful breakup, which came as a shock to me. These are some of my thoughts now.
A poem I write tonight, inspired by a beautiful picture.
This is a story about making choices and about how we look back at who we were, who we've become and who we could have been.
These are two recent poems, one of them about a date that never happened and the other about bad dreams and the comforting power of love.
This is a sequel to the Going Back story I started a while ago. The mystery of the two characters begins to reveal itself... stay tuned. :)
I wrote this poem about a year and a half ago, when I found myself being in love. So I used the metaphor of grammar to describe my passage from me to us.
This is a poem I wrote some time ago about my troubled relationship with someone who eventually became a friend.
A description of my father - or of maybe any father figure - over the years.
This is my first attempt to write a whodunnit, crime and mystery sort of novel... I've only got as far as a few lines, but if you think it's interesting enough, I'll go on... :)
Sometimes we need to step back and take some time off...
Sometimes we long for loneliness, but on the long run, our seclusion can prove to be dangerous...
This is a story about past and present, ghosts and strangers, love and going back to normal.
A poem about being positive and optimist and making beneficial changes.
This is a poem I wrote when I decided to step out of my inertia and do something positive to change my life
This is a poem about love and fears and the power to overcome them and be happy
Any relationship is about giving and receiving. One gives, the other receives. They take turns or, if they’re lucky, they do it at the same time.
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