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Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
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I attended the City Literary Institute in London and have a Royal Society of Arts Diploma in English Language.
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A time of blessed saving from an illness Brought about by a doctor's skilled hand Along with the grace of God
The thin blue line was there to guide me, which way I did not care, I felt I could float gently above the line and below. Then, brought back to life with a doctor's therapeutic hand I thank God that I am here.
Under the Bridge is really quite a revelation, I enjoy this time; I write on walls and scraps of paper Stay with Wikinut and earn maybe stars and points Other sites may pay money and at least rules make sense. I share my space with an old Wikinut man He is dirty and drunk and his na...
There comes a time in all our lives when we really must move on. A relationship, our home, our work, they might be best to leave behind. Always some sadness but when the time has come, we will realize There is part of us that insists our time is up, new pastures we must find.
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Is the FDA protecting us from "bad medicine" or protecting Big Pharma's interests and mega-profits? This question has become of vital importance to the author who is seeking optimal treatment of her leukemia.
Earth surface crumbling, bridges falling, Global warming, meteorites impending Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes galore We will not survive the next World War. The world has tilted on its axis, This explains the global warming We're slanted closer to the sun This suggests we're "over-...
"We are taught that suffering is the one promise life always keeps, so that if happiness comes along we know it as a precious gift which is ours for only a short time".
"We are taught that suffering is the one promise life always keeps, so that if happiness comes along we know it as a precious gift which is ours only for a short time."
A stalker hiding behind a computer screen, He waits on my 'Follow List" ready to strike, He promises to read every word I write He creeps to my page in the dead of night. .
This should be read and thought about by all Americans - Democrats, Republicans, in fact everyone! This is a message to President Obama and all 535 voting members of the Legislator.
On July 7th, U.S. Airlines, Gatwick to Houston, arrived at Charlotte for a two-hour stop-over. Passengers were informed that a storm lay ahead and there was not enough fuel to fly around the storm; therefore eight passengers were required to deplane ..
Moderation need not be a final condemnation, Or an "Agree to Publish" is, of course, always welcome. A few rounds of verbal banter and/or discussion Might give an opportunity for some more revision.
Bugsy has lived a single life, Without a companion rabbit Always around my feet, in and out his door Where was he, didn't he love me anymore? I saw him close to the fence He sat there far too long I saw him from my kitchen window Why was he always gone?
Bugsy lived in a flea market, trapped in a tiny cage, I could not leave him there, I had to take him home. He is the most delightful pet, he spends happy days with me He is safe but best of all, he can play and run - he's free!
A memorable day, July 7th, 2012, Marshall left Gatwick at 10:00 AM, Bound for my home in Houston, Texas, his arrival awaited by his Nan. Now ready to come to live with me, I felt so full of pride and blessed Now I could stand down, off guard, and take a long awaited rest.
Walk slowly and tread lightly on God's wonderous earth There are creatures here, they need their well-earned space Let us grant them their lives and appreciate their worth Safe to thrive and live with us, they all deserve their place.
"The Greatness of a Nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals". M. Gandhi. "I am in favour of animal rights as well as human rights, that is the way of the whole human being". Lincoln..
The hunter in his quaint, little hat, dressed just like a man Struts from the Lodge, his face bloated, full of expectation. He is out to kill an "enemy" unarmed, not even ready to run The lowest of the human species, a hunter, is looking for fun. We have a species of human, brav...
I am a Baby I have love in my heart Bring me to your breast I live with God's love Safe in your womb I have the right to be born. I want to grow in the safety of your womb My spirit cries out to be heard!
Comments, given in a respectful manner, but contrary to the author's beliefs, are being deleted, but attacks are made and allowed to remain on the page.. These are attacks, i.e. accusing me (Ivyevelyn) of needing, "a sexual experience with another woman" and being told to "*** OFF, s...
This terrible train crash is still remembered as an unexplained tragedy. The train driver, Leslie Newton, failed to stop at Moorgate Station and carried on past the platform, into the tunnel and smashed through a sand barrier and into a brick wall at 30mph.
Is the FDA protecting us from "bad" medicine or protecting Big Pharma's interests and mega-profits? This question has become of vital importance to the author for the optimal treatment of her leukemia.
A challenge always spurs me on my way Houston to London and back the following day. I'd like to repeat this, given an appropriate occasion I felt so empowered, even a sense of earned elation.
Out in the cold, unrelenting sea, "Jumping Ship" no longer appeals to me. I grabbed the lifebelt you all had thrown I felt appreciated and now I'm home.
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