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Writer/Blogger/Talk show host based near Louisville, KY. Focuses on humor, politics, entertainment/pop culture, and occasionally combat sports (pro wrestling/MMA).
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It could just be me, but I think Sarah Palin is starting to notice what happens when you gamble early and find yourself an also-ran with plenty of time left on the clock...
Government as usual relies on the majority of the people not paying attention. This is when we get operating practices like this on Capitol Hill.
This is this the brave new world Huxley was writing of? Somehow, I doubt it...
Thanks to government-as-usual, in the United States it costs more to mint pennies or nickels than the pennies or nickels themselves are actually worth. And everybody wonders why we are going broke...
In any profession, there are your aces and your duds. Then, you have the story of a lawyer who went into court unopposed- and still lost.
With the Mayan prophecy looming, strange things are afoot on Westhampton Court...
This is what happens when small-time podunk legislators run out of nothing to do.
And there you probably was, thinking that the coffee was way too hot in fast food restaurants...
Funny how all the talk of hope and change has turned to hoping for change again. Only took four years.
Seems like the only thing that has changed in the Obama White House is the number of people working there. The optimist would say at least he's creating jobs.
People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks, and people trying to make a case for increasing the minimum wage shouldn't use fuzzy math and out of date statistics to make that case.
To believe the impact sequestration has on Indiana education is assume no one in the state of Indiana understands basic math.
What is the world coming to when Lucha Libre-masked wrestlers can not take their duly elected seats, I ask you?
The sequestration was an unstoppable avalanche of spending cuts. Government would be brought to its knees. That is, of course, unless they decide not to pay any attention to the avalanche...
In spite of a push from both sides of the aisle for immigration reform, support as started dropping in light of recent world events.
Things to know before you get started in web content writing that will make the learning curve a bit easier at first.
Brief overview of copywriting, including different types and how the industry has changed slightly since the advent of online publishing.
Advice on best practices to use when employing search engine optimization in your articles.
A brief overview of scholarly articles, who is looking for them, and how to distinguish them from regular articles.
Advice on creating complete articles, by including site links, using keyword density, and developing good practices.
Advice on how to get the most out of your article.
A quick primer on articles- definitions and a summary of the ups and downs of using articles for research.
Aiming for the sky is fine, as long as you aren't jumping from too high a cliff.
Taking advice is good, but sometimes you have to be able to ignore the advice, if it is taking you away from a goal or direction you want to take your career.
A collection of quotes from famous writers (and one from me) about writing.
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