Lisa Orris

Lisa Orris
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I'm a happily married 45-year-old just starting out with writing articles. So far, seem to like medical, health, product reviews.
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Recent pages by Lisa Orris

This is a review of an Avon product by the name of Anew Ultimate Age Repairing Cream. Avon has come a long way and I believe you will be pleasantly surprised by this product.
This is a short article explaining the difference between ghosts and poltergeists with some really exciting footage to spice it up!
This is an article of a brief discussion about lupus, its symptoms, and if any treatment options exist.
This is a brief discussion about dreams and their possible meanings.
If you are afflicted with hypertension, this is an article you can relate to with regards to what you can do to help aid in this medical condition.
This article is a brief introduction to narcolepsy, its symptoms, and any known treatments.
This is an brief introduction into a cancer called mesothelioma. Tells about possible symptoms, any treatment available, and its outcome.
This is an article about some of the good points and bad points involved in the sport of competitive gymnastics.
This is a brief introduction about pernicious anemia, its symptoms, and available treatments.
This is a very brief introduction to astral projection. It goes into what astral projection is and where you can download further information if interested.
Brief introduction about a very rare cancer by the name of the leiomyosarcoma.
What is Legionnaires disease and the expected outcomes?
This is an article that describes the beneficial health effects of Yerba Mate Tea.
What is fulvic acid and what amazing health benefits can it provide to the body.
This is an article about electronic medical records vendors and the software capabilities they have to offer in the health care field.
This is an article about the best deals out there for satellite internet services, TV, and phone bundled into one convenient package.
This is a review of the new skincare technology being used with stem cells and how well it works.
This is my personal review of Lancome Definicils Mascara and why I find it so impressive.
This is an article about the long-term effects of repetitive head injuries.
This is a true story that happened to me personally while growing up.
This is an article about an herb called Kratom and how it can help with addictions and pain.
An article about how this steroid called Testoviron can aid in the building of muscle mass and improvement of the physique.
This article provides some brief information regarding the wiccan/pagan religion. This is a description of what the religion is and what it is not.
This is an article about Chinese styles and fashions, and how they have changed and become more modern over the years.
This is a brief introduction to the Wiccan Religion and how it attracts the attention of most people.
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