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martin v earle
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I am a translator and freelance writer.I intend to focus on health, lifestyle, food and a wide variety of other topics.
I am currently living in Cambodis.
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Plans are afoot to colonize Mars as early as the 2020's, yet as of now no detailed and workable plans exist.
Ii is highly unlikely that an asteroid of a size that wiped dinosaurs 68 million years ago will collide with the earth, but there are plenty of smaller asteroids big enough to destroy a city whizzing around the solar system that have yet to be mapped and identified.
Despite a reputation for pollution-clogged skies, China is currently attempting to transform itself into a green superpower.
Proposals to actively seek out alien life by broadcasting messages into the universe have elicited a storm of controversy. Detracters say the idea needs to be first discussed by the wider community but perhaps the real bone of contention concerns the fundemental nature of the aliens: ...
Proposals made by SETI members that we actively search for alien life by sending signals out into the universe has aroused a storm of controversy.. Detracters say that more discussion needs to take place in the wider world community, but perhaps the real bone of contention is about ...
As the grab for natural resouces in the Amazon continues formerly isolated indigenous groups in Brazil and Peru are being forced into conact with modern civilization, often with tragic results.
In recent years much excitement has been generated by the discovery of new planets lying outside our solar system, this plus the sheer size of our universe would seem to indicate the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial life. But there are some scientists who argue that a...
Fountain pens are often regardard as outmoded technology, but recently there has been a upsurge in their use. The lack of any kind of physical discomfort when using them, their durability and the subsequent saving in expenditures, and most of all their ability to enhance self-express...
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