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Cyjh is currently teaching Koreans online and offline.She wants to visit some places in Korea someday. Because of that, she is now studying her students' language and their culture as well.
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The Korean drama "The Heirs" had its first episode in South Korea last October 9, 2013 and ended last year, December 12.
The Korean drama "My Love from Another Star" had its first episode in South Korea last December 18, 2014 and ended early this year, February 27.
Unlike any other online writing sites, Wikinut doesn't show all your published articles in your profile page. You can only see your latest 25 articles. However, it doesn't mean that you can not see them forever. You can still find them as long as you link them on your latest writings ...
Is Wikinut a legit site? Does it pay its writers? Is it worth it to write for this site??? Those were just some of my questions before I started writing for Wikinut. Well, it's because I've joined a lot of online writing sites and I've never received payments from those sites.
My most favorite actor, Lee Min Ho from South Korea, will be coming back to our country! Yipee!^^
Korean verb endings depend on their tenses (present tense, past tense, future tense, etc.)
Korean verb endings depend on their tenses (present tense, past tense, future tense, etc.)
Are you one of those people who want to change your community? Do you believe that there is still something that you can do to make a difference in this world?
Everyone does dream, right??? Some say we dream every night and we just can't remember our dreams when we get up. However, there are still some of it that we can recall at times.
Peppero Day is a unique special day in South Korea which is celebrated every 11th day of November yearly. One of my friends told me that November 11 is ‘Single’s Day’ in China. Maybe it’s because of 11.11 figures. However, in Korea, it’s different. They call that day ‘Pepe...
Do you have that something or someone you want to take picture of? Well... you were like me few weeks ago before I discover that it's fun to make photography a hobby.
Watching Korean dramas is one of the best ways to learn the Korean language and because I’m currently studying the said language, I am more interested in watching K-dramas than our own local dramas here in the Philippines.
Korean verb endings depend on their tenses (present tense, past tense, future tense, etc.)
Mildang (밀당)??? What does it mean??? Do we really need to know about it or to be good at it to get a Korean guy or any other guys out there? Then, let's talk about it! ^^
As Korean Dramas are becoming more popular, Korean dishes are also getting famous around the globe. Here is a list of some Korean dishes to try. ^^
One of the major differences between the Korean language and the English language is the way sentences are constructed. Today, let us learn how. ^^
A lot of people nowadays are trying to learn Korean words and phrases. To understand their favorite Korean dramas is probably one of the major reasons why. Are you one of them? Well, what are you waiting for? I put some of those words and phrases into this writing. Come and take a loo...
Do you love watching Korean dramas? Do you sometimes tend to mimic how they say some words? Here are some Korean words and expressions that we usually hear from Korean dramas! Enjoy! ^^
Are you wishing to meet a Korean guy? How about planning to date one? Probably (because you’re now reading this article) you’re wondering how it feels or what does it seem like when you are going out with a Korean guy or perhaps a Korean boyfriend.
Because of what we call ‘Korean Wave’, we cannot deny the fact that a lot of girls all over the globe are wishing to date a Korean guy merely like one in those Korean dramas. A Korean guy that is always shouting but still looks cute and charming; the one who is overly protected wi...
Koreans are really one of the fascinating people. They usually have a lot of unique things in their culture just like the way they celebrate 'Valentine's Day'. Well, aside from their special celebration of the global love day, they also have different special day usually for lovers! L...
Kim Hyun Joong is the leader of SS501, South Korean boy group. But aside from singing, he can act, too! In fact, he is best known for being the nice guy 'Yoon Ji Ho' in the hit drama "Boys over Flowers" last 2009 and famous globally for portraying the genius 'Baek Seung' Jo in the te...
After being the charming 'Scheduler' in "49 Days" and the rich childish guy 'Cha Chi Soo' in "Flower Boy Ramen Shop", Jeong Il Woo continues carrying a cheerful character as 'Prince Yang Myung' in "The Moon that Embraces the Sun".
Jeong Il Woo is not just a handsome and charming actor but his performance is quite one of the best, too! He is best known as 'Scheduler' in the South Korean drama series '49 days' or also called 'Pure Love.'
Why do you want to learn Korean? I guess, it's because of your favorite Korean drama or probably you like to understand the lyrics of your favorite K-pop song. If you want to go there for work, then think, you really should study this language. However...
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