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Artist, Singer-songwriter, ordained metaphysical minister, writer. My writing interests are people, things, and places that inspire me, spirituality, and the processes of creativity.
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There comes a time on the spiritual path when things can be somewhat confusing. That's the time when it's important to know the difference between whether you're losing your grip or letting go. The following contains some ideas and suggestions.
Using the thrilling days of yesteryear to recover a sense of who you really are in the here and now.
This is a poem about the shattering and emptiness that comes before spiritual awakening.
Many people are looking for a non-dogmatic approach to a spiritual practice. The following is a simple means of getting started.
It's that last pilgrimage of the summer... Here's a trip back to the early 1950's, as seen through a little kid's eyes.
When things appear bleak, maybe it’s time to "dance through the darkness" by looking elsewhere for inspiration.
It’s often said that this time of what many are calling “The Shift of the Ages” is a time of “remembering”, but here’s a different approach to the definition of the word.
First-hand highlights of the beauty and ambience of those unexpected storms that seem to rise out of nowhere on a Great Lakes summer day.
Lighthouses - the feeling they inspire even in someone who has lived within their shadow all her life.
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