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I'm a full time husband and dad. Work and writing are just life's additional perks.
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A study revealed that men who do more traditionally female chores get less sex.
Sex as they say is a natural act. However, sexually transmitted infections (STI) can ruin women's health as well as men's. A recent discovery shows a protein in a woman's reproductive tract that protects her from STIs.
Even women want sexy abs. But is the best exercise for women when it comes to sculpting the perfect abs? Here's a list of ab workouts for women.
Effective weight loss entails doing the right workout. Here are the 5 most effective aerobic exercises for you.
North Korea uploaded a propaganda video showing President Obama with flames to rally people in support for their nuclear tests. The North Korean government sees the United States as a threat to their sovereignty.
There’s no more excuse for not exercising. You can workout and lose weight effectively and safely even in the office.
To get the best results, we need to rethink our exercise regimen. It's not about tiring one's self. it's about improving one's metabolic processes.
Low testosterone level has profound effects in men's health. Low T is a serious matter. Know the signs and symptoms so you can get immediate treatment.
Effective weight loss entails two basic activities: exercise and diet. However, not everyone knows the right workout and eating habit to get positive results. Now, you will know how to do it properly.
There are many reasons why people don't exercise. Here's a short list. and the ways to jump over these hurdles.
Correct your ab exercise errors to enjoy sexy abs. These blunders stand in your way so make the needed change.
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