Kirsty Boden

Kirsty Boden
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Kirsty Boden is a keen blogger and social media enthusiast. She has a diverse span of interests and enjoys creating quality pieces of engaging content for her followers.
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It’s no big secret that both exercise and bananas are good for the human body, and can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. However, you may not be fully aware of the tremendous benefits they possess when combined at the same time.
British Summer Time: yes, it's that time of year again! With an unexpected surge of sunshine gracing us with its presence, there’s no better time to make a change and banish the bulge! Let me share with you my words of wisdom and help you get back on track with some top tips that ...
Over the last week, almost every weather type has graced the UK with its presence; warm, bright sunshine, torrential rain, fleeting thunderstorms and even a suspected tornado. Just last month however, the Met Office was forecasting the “hottest summer yet” for the UK, as the long...
As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your establishment is equipped with the necessary facilities to ensure that everyone can leave your establishment safely in the case of an emergency.
15 tips for unlocking your true fitness potential and create a more athletic, healthier and happier version of your current self:
To many, the arrival of 2014 signals a fresh beginning and a clean slate. Perhaps you aim to start a rigorous exercise regime and lose that ten extra pounds you’ve piled on over Christmas, or maybe you’re shunting alcohol to give your liver a break after the indulgent holiday seas...
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