Emily Nichole

Emily Nichole
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I'm 20 years old and i love to write about everything, i have a two year old daughter and i live by the beach
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i wrote this today, and i hope it touches your heart, like it has mine, its a true story.
irony in wording, its funny. i like this poem enjoy written originally : 10--2-06
poem about life and how i felt in 2006 its worth reading
its my personal writing and i love it. <3 its suppose to be in song format. it plays in my head. very beautifully
my own personal expressions, and its truth and it means alot to me. i wrote it on jan. 26 2010
it means alot to me to have some one hear about my mother. enjoy
the story about a girl whos in love with someone who doesn't want her
its a personal experience in the form of poetry. i love it
truth behold i know first hand, it means alot, for people to know about what i know
ita about me and the person i see infront of me in the mirror.
its just a poem about life pretty much. i really love this poem and i hope u enjoy it i wrote it a few years back
i really enjoyed this restaurant, and its staff they were quite polite. The food was excellent, its by far the best Mexican restaurant in port st lucie. I would highly recommend this business to my friends and family.
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