Paul Maina

Paul Maina
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I have just finished Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and sociology from Nairobi University. I will be writing on sports and money making tips

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Do you want to invest in Africa, The country in East Africa
Ladies and gentlemen this is the highest level of rivarly ever recorded in history of businesses
This December Holiday, what are you doing? if you don't have any plans for the holiday, Welcome to Kenya
Is illuminati for real, The devil is roaring looking for anyone to devour
Kenyans president and his deputy are on trial at the Hague based court, is it fair or not?
Kenyan premier league is the most competitive in the world, this is why
one of the largest shopping mall in Nairobi is under attack, 42 hours down the line there are 15 terrorist that has taken captives in the building
HEre are some of the world records set in different countries, Do you have guts to break them???
Can the real Arsenal fans rise up and defend their team, Arsenal is on the brink of missing out not only on EPL trophy but on champions league place
The royal baby is a boy, that was the news last night as the royal family brought to the world the third in line to the throne
Nelson Mandela has just turned 95 this today, He is moving on strongly though he is bedridden
He is just 22 years old and he is breaking every record on offer, He is victor Wanyama.... A kenyan now in Southampton
The star Athlete Haile Gebrselassie is set to run for Ethiopian Parliament come next election 2015
The Egyptian Army has overthrown the president who had only served for only one year. A lot is happening in this big country
New Zealand is the better team in the world, they won aganist Egypt fair and square.
Obama Visited Africa in the past one week, He left places turned upside down and others with hope that future is bright
I met my lady last week on Saturday ........... it was a nervous moment for both of us since we have never tried this before
The lady I met two weeks ago, I am meeting her this weekend. I have developed butterflies in the stomach
So how many jobs do you have, 1? then you are doing very badly
Kenyan football league is the world most comptitive league in the world. Here is why
Tahiti bow out of the cup with 24 goal conceded. They have however won the heart of many with their play
One of the places on earth where nelson MAndela will be most missed is in his home town of Qunu
There are over 45.2 Million displaced person through out the word. Lets offer perfect solution for this situation
Check out for this team in the next years world cup. Especially Ethiopia. 5 teams have already made it to the competition
Here are some of the best airlines in the world. They were chosen by some of the Air travellors all over the world
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