Michael G Borresen

Michael G Borresen
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Michael is an author and journalist and is an inspirational writer. Recent book is Our Universal Family.
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Recent pages by Michael G Borresen

Some advice that will help make your next airport visit a pleasant one.
There is a possibility that there are Star People walking amongst us on planet Earth.
About the difference between spirituality and religion.
About the business of Church from a Native American perspective.
All about chasing your losses of money during the gambling experience.
About our Earth family being a dysfunctional family that needs to be restored toward becoming a healthier universal family.
Getting in to know your creative self by taking an inward journey.
We all share a universal mind and a universal intelligence.
These are some real humorous situations that have taken place at the airport.
Devoted toward helping bring unity, peace, love, and harmony to Our Universal Family.
An article about how gambling can progress from a recreational hobby to a gambling addiction and can become more than just fun.
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