Sharain Clark

Sharain Clark
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In the beginning, a toddler with toy alphabet, chalkboard, and desk; then pencil and paper, a typewriter next; then journal, pen, and an old weeping willow; and still today, the story continues . . .
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An Analysis and Application of theories by R. Bly, W. Drath, R. Heifetz and Assoc., R. Kegan, R. McGuigan, and V. Redekop: As applied to the Jerusalem courts controversy regarding Justice Salim Joubran’s choice to remain silent during the singing of Israel’s national anthem “Hat...
A Summary and Response to Gerald Graff’s 2003 Essay: Hidden Intellectualism, an essay that attends to the hidden curriculum of life that America fails to impart within its educational system, thereby marginalizing the definition of academic success.
This is a poem I wrote for a friend that I cared for deeply, who lost his little brother in a tragic accident at 24 years old during our time together. It seemed the only way I could memorialize the empathic grief that I felt with him and deal with the reality that in such times of i...
This is a poem that I wrote and dedicated to my mother, who passed away when I was 17. She was a brilliant artist, person, mentor, friend, and Mom,and when she died, I pretty much ran away from my identity and home since she was central to it all. it just hurt too much to be there. Th...
In what ways have theorist’s contributions to the field of developmental psychology influenced and shaped the personal and professional perspectives held today?
This is the sequel to Sanctuary, the final chapter of a symbolic war waged in facing one's demons and saying goodbye to their hold on one's life, finally claiming victory.
This poem is a deeply emotional piece rooted in the concept of fighting one's demons and the kind of hold that they can have on our lives. Originally a stand alone poem, over time, it seems that it fits with several others of mine to form a story of liberation, in many ways.
A poem that spins a story of Gypsy life from the perspective of hopelessness at having lived in constant turmoil yet never giving up hope for the future. I can only imagine the plight, and as a descendent of these people, I also hope to spark new dialogue and perspectives about the c...
The sequel to The Dark Angel's Dance, a daringly dark, romantic poem that continues the blossoming love story of a fallen angel and the villainous dark angel that is attempting to win her heart.
This poem is about a writer's loss for words and what it might be like if we could organize and catalog our minds just like our closets, so that the knowledge or particular word that we're looking for is always right at the top of our head.
A poem about the spiritual battle waged around the masses everyday between forces of good and evil as told from an angel's perspective.
This is a poem about my personal process as a poet, expressed in terms of a burning urgency to write when inspiration strikes, becoming captive to the process until completion.
A dark, fantastical poem about a fallen angel who has found herself in a den of demons, leading her into the arms of its lord; a dark angel. Is it fate? Destiny? What purpose might such a crossing of paths unfold?
Alarm clocks can seem like little more than the start to a bad day. What can be done to make your wake-up routine more palatable to your mood and a better springboard for good days? This article explores the deeper issues involved with not being able to get up.
We often shut down or give up on the most beautiful experience in life once our hearts have been broken. This poem takes a reflective journey through the process of the heart learning to trust again.
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