Shannon April Alice

Shannon April Alice
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I am that woman who sits on the train looking, for all the world, like a tired, single working mother commuting. I AM that mother, but that far away dreamy look in her eyes? Meet the writer in me.
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Always feel so blessed to write but I cannot help but do it, therefore I am always so grateful when anyone takes the time to read. This is a bit about the journey from sinner to redeemed and how quickly one can turn into the other on any given chance. Thank you for sharing.
Here our heroine is back, and she's beginning again, or is she ending again? Sometimes it's the falling that makes you realize how steady you can be on your feet.
love goes on, it grows up, it moves out of town, it marries someone else. love goes on no matter how much we beg it to stay
One time the man I loved sent me a plant. A purple blue hydrangea because it is my favorite. I was not surprised that he sent me a plant, roots and dirt and stones. He believes in growth, he believes in me.
I had a love once, he said the most beautiful idea he had ever heard was to name the smell right before it rains. He said it is his favorite sensory experience beyond tasting my skin....
I am going to close my eyes now, and describe to you everything my soul has felt, come with me. I've a fairy tale to tell you and you'd better settle in. It's a long story...
And our heroine does not get her heart broken, just a little frayed around it's edges but still beating for yourself:
For Jessie Bells, Kales the Magnificent And Jteetle whom I love to moon and back.
I was talking down a friend one day, you see he was in a bad space in his head. The man couldn't forgive himself for what he'd done to someone he loved. I told him, 'your sins are not shinier than my sins.' and what follows bellow, was born.
There is always that time where you feel that you just might possibly, could be, might be....healing. Moving on.
She does not go quiet into the night, not our girl. She stands up, she straightens her broken spine and adjusts her crooked heart. She does not just survive, she acts.
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