Versatile Contact

Versatile Contact
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I'm a native of the midwest.
I have been writing poetry
for better than 25 years.
I just finished a poetic series
featuring 86 poems of some of my finest and most deliberate work. Creativity ad
versatility are definite strengths of mine in the writer's world. You will find
on my pages and their content
springs uniqueness and lots of heart and soul.
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Recent pages by Versatile Contact

Thought I would share a real creative piece that illustrates my ability to manipulate verses and utilize my imagination.
This is a romantic lay with very strong tones,and some rather enormous feelings.
When you have creative talent in any level one must express it,and inspire others to do the same. This piece is about utilizing that talent and the path it takes.
My creative story with some wind behind it about life and the things we do.
This is a poetic tale on the flip side of romance and it's more darker regions.
This is my dedication to the most underated but most powerful drink in the world.
There are some statements that we make can be very profound and very emotional. The piece down below provides the creative proof.
I thought now was a prime moment to bring a different flavor to my pages. My versatility and range is on truly on display with the piece below.
This is my dedication to the actual writing of poetry. There are symbols and signatures to my work,and much ot it is depicted in this piece below.
In life our experiences can surely shape us and makes us appreciate the gift that life really is. The poem below speaks about that as I use a more romantic theme to do it.
Through my years I've had the privilege,fortune to mix and mingle,relate with some pretty fine women.This is my creative tribute as only I can do it. .
Yeah for all my artistry in the poetic world I write about real life,and it's many aspects.
I think it's very important to establish a peaceful plane somewhere in life. This piece conveys that message in my own unique way.
I think romantic poetry is the toughest to write and master. I have been fortunate to write for many years and finally mastered it. Down below is an example of my growth as a writer creatively.
My favorite season is spring and it's about to close it's doors again. The poetic piece is my tribute to those special moments,aspects of that time of year.
This is my way of introducing my brand of writng to this site. I will definitely let my world and it's ways speak on each page I create. It's my intent to bring something different and stylish but yet thought provoking and real with everything I write.
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