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Pia Nadio
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Currently, I am studying film at UCT. I intend to do screenwriting but I am a novelist at heart. Most of my articles will fall under Arts and Entertainment, Poetry, Food and Education.
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I wrote this piece in one of those random moments when you get inspired while doing academic work. Don't worry, I completed my essay afterwards.
I had to write this article after watching Man With a Movie Camera, it took me by surprise, seeing as I'm not easily impressed with outdated cinematography.
This piece I wrote when I was still working as a waitress, for some reason I got nostalgic that night, I think I was serving a big family that evening and perhaps they reminded me of my own. It is not the complete poem, I'm not quite ready to put the rest up.
This is a poem I wrote through writer's block, can you believe it?
A piece I wrote in a sad moment when I didn't feel like writing at all. Hope it's worth something, it is more a poem of painful honesty than it is of style.
This piece describes a man lost in a place that seems a lot like Earth at first but after walking around he notices that everything looks constructed. He realises that he is the only being in this strange realm (or dream) that was designed and not made by man. Therefore he is alone in...
This depicts what I think it would be like to live on the streets. I've experienced a feeling of homelessness before in my life but imagining this just made me more grateful for what I do have.
Sometimes I zone out and imagine myself having conversations with imaginary people, this is sort of one of those conversations but continued during a late night visit to my friend (in reality).
A poem that was written for an artist that was a friend of mine. Sadly, we are no longer friends but this piece will always remind me of how spectacular he was.
A poem written sort of as a tribute to an old actor. The introduction to his biography made me realise that all actors must experience that moment between their perceived reality and one imagined.
This poem was written in an exam hall; at the back of my English paper … we were not allowed to mark the question papers at all, but it was extremely amusing when one of the old supervisors, a bespectacled man, was about to stop me and leaned over my shoulder, eyes popping wide at t...
Yes, it’s another sad poem, but this is the kind I am comfortable writing. If I attempt to write on a happier note, (trust me, you’ll regret asking for it) it may come across as corny. I prefer to be spontaneous and let the words come to me; pushing poetry is not my thing. This pi...
This piece is actually a combination of two poems. The first part portrays a deep sense of inner conflict. It gives a glimpse of pain that usually goes unseen and therefore leaves a feeling of unappreciation. The second part offers a remedy, an answer to a call for help that was never...
This poem was written for a newsletter that was supposed to released at my old school, South Peninsula High.
This poem is a little more disturbing, but it is worth the read to gather the meaning.
This poem is an extract from my novel. Please note that Kidaza Ikohm and Gabriel Haydn are fictional characters and are in no way related to or based on any real people.
Have you ever experienced that moment when you’re day-dreaming and staring intently at something, not hearing anyone around you? After zoning out you jump up, run to your guitar, set up your phone to record you and urgently play a song that was floating around in your head. That's w...
A short depiction of the genre of Anime, followed by two reviews.
This is a review and rating of the film 127 Hours based on the experiences of Aron Ralston.
Some advice for struggling matriculants. More to come.
This is the first of many noodle recipes to come on this page. Experience my personal ramen meal (version 1.0).
This opinion piece relates to those people who find their lives have been taken over by social networking.
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