Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar
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Being a researcher by qualification and a writer by passion, I blend ideas and facts to come up with a fantastic creation. I love surfing internet, clicking pictures, and sharing my feelings
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Recent pages by Aastha Kochar

This page is about fantastic options to add life to your photos
This pages gives the reader an insight into the concept and relevance of stem cell banking.
A love dedication from a wife to her husband while remembering the moment when she had fallen for him.
This page explains how mutual funds work. It would be of great help in knowing about mutual funds even to a fresher
This page explains about the usefulness of mutual funds as a mode of investment
This poem is about a girl's true emotions for the one she loves and dreams about every single day
Page is about the true nature of a lady,which everyone should respect
This page is about some fantastic home based businesses that one can get into.
This page attempts to highlight the benefits that a researcher can take from http://scholar.google.co.in/
The page shares interesting tips on carrying floral prints in falls
This page is about website review of a website named http://indiacsr.com/
Try these amazing tips to keep your shoes odor free
Here are some interesting tips to get yourself a perfect dress.
This poem is a dedication to a dear friend on the occasion of her birhday
This poem is a special dedication to a friend who was so close to me, but left suddenly.
The poem is a dedication to an NGO serving humanity since ages.People recognize these angelic ladies as Brahmakumari's.
This is a special dedication for the one who is close to my heart.
A beautiful moment captured through my lens on the streets of Delhi, India
This page expresses my true feeling for my dad. I wish to shout it out to the whole world that how much I love him.
Dedicated to all my buddies whether they are currently present in my life or not... It is the biggest truth that the moments we lived together will always be ours and no-one can take it back ever.
The page introduces the readers to corporate social responsibility, which is a must in today's scenario of complete awareness.
Break up's are quite common in today's fast paced world. Here are few tips that can be of great help in coming out of this dark phase.
Expectation always gives incurable pain. Many a times the person who seems to hurt us is unaware of the fact that he/she is actually hurting you. Here is a small depiction of the lessons I learnt in life
Completing a year of togetherness with your special someone is an extremely special occasion that is tough to be expressed in words. The poem is a true depiction of someone's feelings on completing an year of togetherness.
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