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I am a Technical author related with electronics, computer hardware and software related products. I always feel good when some one get knowledge from my content.
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It is very common thing that people are often mistaken and they do not land up with proper choice. It results in the loss of excitement for that new product as they didn't do the proper homework before buying it.
Speakers basically work when different set of air pressures are being created at different frequencies by moving back and forth. These speakers are considered an important component of home theater system used at home.
Home theater systems give an experience of Movie Theater in homes around the globe. Home theater systems are usually installed in living room. If installed properly, it can produce a high-quality video and audio that gives a resemblance to Movie Theater.
In current scenario where the time is very important to the peoples no one wants to go the theater to see the movies. The Home Theater System is a way that we can enjoy the movies at our own home.
Digital Signage technology is the fastest growing medium of advertising being recognized and used globally.
A Video Screen Splitter is a device which is used to relay images from multiple sources simultaneously on a single display device.
An industrial grade cost and space saving LCD monitor which is a solution to space constrained server racks is known as a Rackmount LCD monitor.
A Rackmount monitor is a cost effective and space saving solution for server racks. This unit is housed in a sturdy metal enclosure with an industrial grade Samsung LCD.
A signage solution consists of three major components: Digital Signage Hardware, software and content.
Signals from a single source can be relayed on multiple display devices simultaneously and in real time using a Video Splitter. This device has the ability split the signal, amplify it and relay it on various devices.
A VGA Splitter is a signal booster and amplifier that splits the video signal from a single source, duplicates it and sends it to multiple display devices simultaneously and in real time.
A DVI KVM Switch is used to control multiple DVI based computers using a single set of peripheral devices.
HDMI video and audio signals can be simultaneously relayed to up to eight HDMI displays using a HDMI Splitter.
The IP KVM Switch is work as a traditional KVM Switch with the additional facilities that it works with IP. This switch is also called KVM over IP.
HDMI (stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface) Splitter is a type of video splitter which allows the users can connect their two or more HDTV display or other HDMI devices with set-top boxes, D-VHS player, DVD players etc. It split the single signals in to two or more same sig...
Analog signals can be converted to digital and viewed on the latest plasma screens, LCD displays and other such devices with the help of a VGA to DVI-D conversion unit.
The 2 port DVI Video Switch is a form of DVI Switch (available in 2/4/8/16 port etc) which enables two computer for transferring the data on a single DVI display device.
One or more computers can be controlled with a single set of peripherals using an IP KVM Switch. However, the key feature of this device is that it bypasses the control limits of a typical switch by allowing users to remotely exercise control over IP with 128 bit browser based access.
Keeping in line with the emerging trends in technology, SmartVM is offering high performance Rackmount monitors, video switches and KVM drawers along with its existing products.
Video from multiple sources can be switched and relayed to multiple displays using a Video Matrix Switch. Some models also have the option to route audio and are referred to as A/V switches.
Composite Video Splitter also called composite distribution amplifier transfer the single composite signals to one or more devices having RCA or BNC types connectors.
KVM Switch (keyboard, video, mice) is hardware networking device which is used to connect a single output device to multiple keyboard and mouse and vise versa.
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